Managed Services

We offer a variety of managed services for organizations large and small.

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Managed Services

WestConnect offers a wide variety of managed services to simplify your connectivity needs. Read about some of them here, or Contact Us if you have a specific request.

Enterprise Services

Managed WiFi

WestConnect offers enterprise-grade managed WiFi solutions using industry-leading technology from Ubiquiti or Cambium. Our intuitive management interface makes it easy to manage 1 access point or 100, and it will allow you to collect valuable insights on how your customers are using your network. Our managed WiFi can be deployed on our cloud, or on premises if you would prefer to host it yourself.

Enterprise Services

Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance technology allows you to use existing or new IP cameras to secure your buisness by recording footage to our secure offsite infrastructure. You have the ability to set retention time, archive footage for long term storage, or even push footage to your cloud or onsite file storage. All our video footage (including backups) is stored in a Canadian datacenter, so you don't need to worry about data protection laws in other countries.

Other Services...

Offsite Backups

WestConnect offers a veriety of tools to backup your organization's data. From on-premises file servers, to cloud storage to entire virtual machines; we have the right tools to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Network Monitoring

When you run a buisness that demands high-uptime, you want to know if there's trouble on your network and exactly what services are effected. With our network monitoring service you can define what devices to monitor, how often to check them and who should be alerted if there is a problem.

Managed Internet

Sometimes your business requires dedicated Internet connectivity and uptime SLA's. WestConnect Communicationsn work with you to provide custom point-to-point solutions for managed Internet.

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