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About WestConnect

WestConnect is a communications provider based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. WestConnect provides wireless Internet services to residents of Victoria (and the surrounding communities) as well as parts of Northwest Washinton state using access points colocated on towers and buildings throughout the region. Exact coverage will be limited by trees, buildings or other obstacles between your client antenna and access point. Please contact us to confirm availability. All other services (VoIP, managed WiFi, video surveillance and SD-WAN) are available anywhere in the world with an existing Internet connection.

WestConnect is fully owned by Free Range Cloud - a cloud services hosting company. Free Range Cloud is an incorporated buisness in British Columbia and the registration information can be requested from the BC business registry.

Terms of Use

Unless otherwise noted on your account, all of our plans are provided 'as-is' with no guarentee of speed at any given time. The Internet is a shared resource, and at times heavy usage by some users may cause congestion for others. WestConnect activily monitors our network and will work to increase capacity if and when such instances of congestion occur.

WestConnect makes no restrictions on what our Internet connections are used for, with the exception that your connection not be used to facilitate activities that are deemed unlawful in Canada. In such instances your account may be terminated and, if requested, contact information may be presented to police.

Peering Policy

WestConnect operates AS396503 and generally maintains an open peering policy. If you operate a network present at a common facility or IXP and would like to peer please use the Contact page on this website.

We require any networks that peer with us to adhere to the following:

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