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We offer a variety of Internet and VoIP plans. If you don't see what you need, please Contact Us and we may be able to help!

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Wireless 5

$ 29.99 Ideal for basic users, payment processing or backup connections Get Started

Wireless Internet 5 includes:

  • Up to 5mbps Download
  • Up to 1mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Monthly transfer
  • Static IP available at $5/mo.

Wireless 15

$ 49.99 Watch Netflix, game online and more Get Started

Wireless Internet 15 includes:

  • Up to 15mbps Download
  • Up to 3mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Monthly transfer
  • Static IP available at $5/mo.

Wireless 30

$ 69.99 Our top speed for high-bandwith locations Get Started

Wireless Internet 30 includes:

  • Up to 30mbps Download
  • Up to 5mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Monthly transfer
  • Complimentary static IP available.

VoIP Telephone plans

Our VoIP home and small business phone service is a reliable and inexpensive way to get started with VoIP technology. All our plans can be used with your own equipment (IP PBX, ATA or SIP Phone) or can be used with a preconfigured ATA to connect your existing analog phones.

VoIP 300

$ 9.99 Our basic home phone plan for light usage Get Started

VoIP 300 includes:

  • 300 minutes to Canada or the US
  • $0.05 per minute for additional time
  • Use your own device, or buy one for $79.99

VoIP Unlimited

$ 29.99 For households always on the phone Get Started

VoIP Unlimited includes:

  • Unlimited calling to Canada and the US
  • Competitive International rates
  • Use your own device, or buy one for $49.99

Pay as you go VoIP

$ 1.99 For lite users who want to pay as they go Get Started

Pay as You go VoIP includes:

  • Up to $0.05 per minute to Canada and the US
  • Competitive International rates
  • Use your own device, or buy one for $79.99

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an email address included with your Internet plans?

Yes! All our Internet plans are elligable for a free '' email address. What's more, if you ever want to cancel your Internet plan you can keep your existing email address(s) for only $5/mo.

Currently, our fixed wireless plans have coverage throughout several communities in the Greater Victoria area. When ordering, we will contact you before issuing an invoice to ensure you live in an area that can receive coverage.

No! We have no monthly caps and no restrictions on how you use your connection. Host some servers, stream security cameras, share your connection and more! As long as your online activity is not considered unlawful in Canada we don't care what you use your connection for.

Absolutely. By default our radio will operate as a DHCP server and deliver a private IP address to any connected devices, however, you can request that your radio be put into bridge mode so you can use your own router and have full control over your own local network. Note that we cannot provide support for custom network setups, and our support team may request you remove any custom network equipment if you are experiencing connectivity issues.

When ordering our VoIP service you will have the option of purchasing a pre-configured ATA to plug an analog phone into, or to use your own hardware. If you opt to use your own hardware, it needs to support the SIP protocol. Please Contact Us with the model number of your equipment to verify compatibility.

All of our services are capable of being purchased independantly, this means you can use our VoIP service with any Internet Service provider.

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